Works on iPhone, but not on Apple TV

Hi, thanks for a great app!

I have the latest infuse on both iPhone and Apple TV, and it doesn’t work as expected on Apple TV.
I have a raspberry pi with a smb share, which works very well on my computer, and I can play anything on the iPhone which starts quickly.

On the Apple TV, i just reinstalled Infuse, it synced settings over iCloud, so I should have the same settings as my phone. Folders show up, but when I click them, they never open, so I can’t play anything.

The only way that works is by playing from iPhone and using Airplay to the Apple TV.

This is only from the SMB share, files on Google Drive works on Apple TV.

Are there some settings to try, or some steps to investigate, maybe on the Raspberry pi file sharing settings, or anything that will help me fix this?


Have you verified that the SMB share is the same in the ATV / Infuse settings as your iPhone? Also verify that the SMB level is set the same. It should probably be set to Auto but you could try 2, 1, or Legacy as a trouble shooting test.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Is that a setting in Infuse or in the Raspberry PI?

I didn’t set up the shares on the Apple TV, as they were synced from the cloud, so I assume they are exactly the same, unless the information in the cloud save is corrupt somehow.


Apple TV. Go to Settings > Shares > Select Saved Share > Edit Share > Advanced > SMB Version

Hi, I disabled icloud sync, removed the share, made a new user and added it to Samba with “sudo smbpasswd -a username” to be 100% sure that the username/password is correct.
I then added the share, with the correct user/password, Choose SMB2, waited a little while and it worked!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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