Workaround for solid BD-.iso-playback!

First of all. Infuse is a great product, developed by a great team.

I always felt a little sad, that BD-.iso-playback does have some massive shortfalls however.

I wanted to share with the community, what works well for me.

Using the media-server MEZZMO (PC) creates a perfect DLNA input-stream for any BD-.iso!

While being aware of some operational limitations (only DLNA-feed, PC required as the source-server, Infuse does not fully support custom artwork & covers for DLNA), still a pretty acceptable solution.

By the way, can we expect frame-packed 3D-skills, now that 24p is supported? :wink:

Thanks for the info.

On a related note, we believe we’ve tracked down an issue related to ISO playback, and plan to have a fix for this available in an upcoming version.

Unfortunately Apple would need to add support for true (MVC) 3D output, which they have not done yet.

It will be nice to have full menus support now that ISO playback is about to get fixed, or maybe have a custom menu similar to itunes extras.

(I´m still hoping one day Apple will add mvc support, but lack of 3d movies on itunes makes me thing it will never happen)

I don’t see menu support being added, while there are ways to do it, there is a reason not many media players do (its difficult to implement\support)

I don’t really know about the technical details, sad to hear it is that difficult.

However, don’t agree with many players don’t do it, it is certainly one of the selling points out there for media players, and while Infuse is not exactly that, it will certainly be a great addition (there is MrMC on the app store supporting full menus).

A man can only wish, I guess, just hope at some point James and the guys will turn their attention to implement this feature.

There are only a small amount that handle Blu-Ray menus properly (Full Blu-ray bdjava menus). The number is not what I would call “many”. Kodi just recently in v18 got them working (they were able to do non java menus before). There are even a smaller amount that do UHDBR menus. What players advertise and what they actually do, may be two different things.

If you are referring to DVD Menus (this needs to be specified) that may be able to be done in the future. As far as I know MrMc is a fork of Kodi which is why some things are supported there. From a quick search MrMC does not support BR or UHDBR menus. DVD and BR\UHDBR menus are very different when it comes to support.

I can say for certain than late Zidoo+Zappiti media players support full BR menus, i have used them.

Also MrMC does that too, don´t know if all BR would work, but i have to say the ones i tried, ripped from my personal BR collection with DVDFab10, they did work (Transcendence, Armaggedon, Usual Suspects come to mind in the last few weeks).

Can´t say about UHDBR, though, haven tried those yet, and to be honest, since most of UHD discs don´t have any extra feature, just the movie, a menu doesn´t make that a lot of sense to me.

But with BR, it does, while Infuse can play full bds and you can actually chose between the different streams, it would be very nice to have some kind of menu support, whether is in the form of the original bluray menu itself, itunes extras format, or a custom Infuse format, so you can actually preview in some way which kind of content is there.

So does EGreat and Dune, but like I said there are NOT “many” when compared to the media player landscape.

Usual Suspects

All have something in common, they don’t contain BDJava so menus will work with stock Kodi (which is why they work with MrMC). This is what I was saying earlier, while non bdjava menus may be easier to do, BDJava menus are more popular and really what people want when it comes to menus.
I have a player that does full bdjava (both BD and UHDBR) menus (EGreat), but I still default to Infuse for my “one stop shop” as far as media playback goes these days. While I would love to have Blu-ray\UHDBR meuns, I know how many media players have struggled with them and without the “java” portion, most probably feel its not worth it. Ive done research into this and have many ISOs tested (multiple different players, software). I wish it were easy, all I am saying is that I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon.

@james any idea when this iso fix will be coming? I also have issues and posted detailed info on this subject already.

Any specific details to what the fix is to address?

Actually, the best features about having BD-Java working are not the interactive menue-support, but full support of forced subtitles and seamless branching. As it requires the purchase of a costly, official license (by the vendor), Infuse is better off without it. For me, flawless .iso-plackback (incl. BD / 3D-BD) is sufficient for now!

I would gladly pay extra for full BD menu support. For ‘normal’ Bluray movies it is not needed so much (though if available, i would use it) but… a lot of bluray’s i have are TV series, or concerts, music performances etc… each bluray contains 4 or 5 episodes, or 12 songs, and usually they are not numbered chronologically using the playlist. E.g. 0001.m2ts is episode 5, 0005.m2ts is episode 3 etc. and in those cases the only way to watch Bluray’s of TV series, is using the menu’s… to me, BD menu support should be mandatory. I consider a player (like Infuse) or even a standalone player that does not support BD menu’s, an unfinished product. Oh yeah and i want UHD menu support as well :slight_smile:

I´m with you on this, i consider this a very important feature.

At this point even a custom menu would work for me.

I have my Westworld season 1 in glorious 4K waiting to be unleashed.