Woo-Hoo..JB my ATV...easy fix-hard to find

download Tiny umbrella …


advanced tab…

uncheck “set host to Cydia on exit”…

close Tiny Umbrella…iTunes also, if it’s open…

run SeasonPass


wow…different info on my PC than I had seen in a WEEK!!

Let it run…itunes will be the last thing you see, and it will say…“unable to restore”… AGAIN

Plug your ATV into your tv and Season Pass is there

download ATVblack


I’m no dummy, but this was way to difficult to find the info need to fix this prob…I wasted way to many hours on this.

The “set host thing” needs to be on the home page for everyone to see

Hope this helps someone


…did notice one difference in my JB

I bought my usb from Amazon. I had to have the power cord also to get my ATV2 in DFU mode. Read somewhere, think I read everything, that if your having trouble…your cable may not be powerful enough to carry the info.

…another thing

My NetFlix also crapped out…won’t say it’s an Apple thing, but I’m thinking it!

Had to update my ATV2…that’s when my stress started…

So, you can update your tv and still JB it…all shiny and new