Won't stream to Media Player and XBMC

Can’t find a solution to this since updating to 1.6. Getting “playback error” when trying to stream avi files. Obviously I can see the directory where they reside, but both Media Player and XBMC won’t play them. Have tried reinstalling both with no luck. Any ideas? Running Windows 7 64 bit.


Sorry typo. Version 1.7.

Anybody? Metadata all there. Frustrating just watch that loading wheel spinning !! Have tried hard resets and disabling Windows Live Mail log in assistant to no avail.

It sounds like it could be a permission related issue. Are you using a username/password to connect from the Apple TV to your PC?

No James. No password.

You may try adding your PC’s username and password to the share (Media --> Settings --> Manage Shares menu) as guest connections over SMB are not currently supported.

Ok i’ll try that once the tv becomes available to me. Olympics!!  Although the computer has no password. Do you think username only could work?

You can try with just a username, but IIRC SMB connections will require a password.

Thanks. I’ll post my findings later.

No luck James. I tried the username with no password. Still the same problem. It seems I can enter any username it makes no difference, still the directory shows but can’t be accessed. I tried entering the network password just for the hell of it and it gave an error message along the lines of directory doesn’t exist. Should I create a user password to logon to Windows maybe?

Have uninstalled Windows Live Mail as there are reports of conflict with smb and win 7 64 bit. No change. It seems whatever password and user name I enter is accepted, showing a passed connection. Any other suggestions. There must be lots of users out there with similar but working setups. Anything else to try?

Have found a work around. Using the Air Video Server app for Ipad to stream video. Can’t seem to solve the original problem.

Thanks for your efforts to help.