won't play all of my movies Why????

I have some movies that I bought through itunes and it says not authorized to play this content. Why is it doing this? I paid for these movies and shows that it is doing this to me on. What do I need to do to fix this and can you play how to do it in easy to know terms. Thanks

From what I’ve heard from other people when they had that same problem, they restored the Apple TV and were good to go. I know this is a pain, but it worked for all of them. You could try to disassociate your computer with your Apple TV and then resync the two. You can disassociate your computer by going to Settings > Computers and click on your computer’s iTunes name. It was ask if you want to delete all synced data and then say yes. After that click on add computer and go through the process of syncing the two again. With either method you are looking at having to resync all your iTunes content.