Wont Install

Jailbroken my ATV2, got firecore aTV Flash 1.5.1 installed on it but if I got to maintnece and try install anything sits saying ‘Installing XBMC’ or ‘Installing Media Player’ and does nothing its been sat like it now for 15 hours??? any ideas?


I do have a same problem.

I have upgraded from previous ATV Flash 1.4.3 which worked both with MediaPlayer & XBMC, but the new version won’t install both, and thus my NAS media file sharing environment was downgraded and lost.

How do I get access to the media files and play the files on NAS through SMB?




Its happening for everyone. Since the untethered JB just came out servers are overloaded and its taking time. SUCKS.

Its weird. I have two ATV2’s and on Friday evening was getting the same thing. Woke up Saturday monring and everything had installed on one of them during the night but not the other. Still cant get the other one to install.

Got mine working finally!!! But half my xbmc plugins stopped working like IPlayer, ITV and 4OD

Finally, I got Media Player & XBMC files for aTV Flash 1.5.1 by accessing to the FireCore at daytime in JST.

I guess vast majority of customers in the USA were sleeping and FireCore server was not busy at that time.

This weekend was a good opportunity to upgrade my multimedia environment at home, and I was happy since I finally established the up gradation. :)