Wondering if I should buy an ATV4?

Hi all I’ve been reading some of the posts on here and don’t necessarily see anything too terrible about Firecore 4 on ATV4. Seems like most people are happy. I currently have ATV2 jail broken It performs well but I’d like to get back to a fully native environment on the ATV.

MY QUESTION is what do I gain by moving to an ATV4 from jail broken ATV2? I know I get the App Store etc, and I get my hbogo app to work again. Do I lose any functionality though?

Any help much appreciated.

Personally if I were you I’d wait to the 4K version which is coming …

The current version of inFuse on the ATV4 cannot play video from .iso files or from VIDEO_TS folders. We are told we can expect this in some future update but with no ETA for when.

It will also not play other media types that the ATV2 version handled such as music files (e.g. .mp3) and photographs (e.g. .jpg). It appears that these are under consideration for inFuse on the ATV4 but not sure if that will happen. However as the ATV4 has the App Store there are alternatives for this (I use FileExplorer).

Thanks for the replies everyone. I bought and returned the ATV4. Although the FC app is nice. I hated everything else about the new UI. Particularly the Netflix app.