Won’t show files, but passes testing

When I add the share it passes testing, but it shows all the files grayed out. But when I try to find the files to play them it goes in through every sub folder successfully, but there are no files listed in any folder. I’ve enabled all file sharing in every way possible on Win10 machine. I was able to get it to work on another Win10 machine after multiple attempts, but this one still can’t find any files. However, if I use a different media browser it shows all of them. Problem is, that browser doesn’t work well for everything else, I only tried it to prove that I had sharing set up correctly. Infuse works for the other PC, but I can’t get the bugs out on this one. Any tips?

Looking at your other post are these files that won’t show audio and photo files?

I’m have trouble getting it to work for MP3 and photos. It just dawned on me that it may not support anything other than video.

Currently Infuse is only a video player. It’s not able to play photos and music files at this time. Sorry.

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