WOL Not working from MacOS (MacBook Pro)?

This isn’t actually a big deal as I so rarely use Infuse on my MacBook but Im also curious to the reason and if anyone has the answer.

WOL is configured in Infuse with the MAC address in the advanced settings for my share, the same settings are mirrored on my iPhone 13 mini, my wife’s iPhone 13 mini and my two Apple TV’s, all of those devices wake up my file server perfectly and as expected.

For some reason however opening the MacOS version of Infuse does not wake up my fileserver, I’m not even sure if Infuse itself is the issue, perhaps some sort of privacy setting on the MacOS itself or network config?

Any ideas folks?

Depends, which macOS you are on? If Monterey, goto system settings/energy saver. If Ventura, its system settings/battery/options

Yeah dude but I’m not trying to wake up my Mac, I’m wondering why my Mac won’t wake up my file server when Infuse on my phone and ATV’s does.

My bad, sorry about that.

Don’t worry about it dude, all friendly around here.

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