WOL how to set it up in infuse?

So according to the newest update it says:

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) for faster connections

I was playing around with this on my windows 10 PC. And i know WOL on the pc works because i use a WOL app to send the packeges to the MAC.

So in infuse i have setup a share for my PC and put in the MAC…how is it supposed to work? Send a magic packet when i try and open a foler? or when i try and play a file? if so it does not work.

What am i missing on the infuse side? :slight_smile: What settings is needed and where to get this to work? (And again how does it work)

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


To activate WoL, you can simply add the MAC address for the share(s) you want to use it on.

Once added, Infuse will use WoL whenever it needs to access the share (indexing, playback, etc…) to ensure the device wakes up quickly.

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You need to go to your saved share and then Advanced settings. Input MAC address there.

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Yeah tried that ?

Can’t get it to work…the again I can’t get infuse to accept my pcs IP as a share (fixed ip) only my computers network name or what ever it’s called.

I don’t need the pc as I use NAS for all my files…just wanted to get it to work because I find the idea cool and maybe useful in the future ?.
Should WOL woke from my phone too via infuse? Can try that since it’s on the phone the app works.

WOL will work on phone or apple tv. Don’t know if it works remotely or just locally.