With NAS choose SMB/afp ro NFS sharing method ?

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With a nas for increase speed with infuse what’s is the best sharing method ? NSF (linux) AFP(mac) or SMB(Windows) ???


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I was using NFS (for better performance) with my Zyxel NSA320. I wish I had written down everything I did to get it working before, because it wasn't straightforward. However, my NSA320 died and I got a replacement under warranty, and thus far I haven't been able to get the ATV to connect to it via NFS. This is going to make me go grey.

Here's what I know:

The Zyxel has an 8-character hexadecimal "magic number" that identifies the RAID volume, and that number is exposed in the exported shares, i.e. "nsa320:/i-data/14a50d8d/share_name". Of course since I had to rebuild my RAID 1 volume, that "magic number" changed. I thought I had everything setup the way it was before (except for changing that number in the config files, but the ATV cannot "see" the NFS share (even though it worked before), it just gives me an error. My desktop Mac can access those NFS shares with no problems, so I'm a little at a loss.


OK, I finally found some more time to tinker with it, and I have new information. From the AppleTV2’s system logs:

Apr  1 19:19:04 DenAppleTV AppleTV[143]: [FCM][FATAL]  [NFS] Getting contents of dir fail.
Result: 0. Message: 'Lost Connected.'.
Apr  1 19:19:04 DenAppleTV AppleTV[143]: [FCM][FATAL]  Request Error Error Domain=com.firecore.media.nfs Code=3 "Could not open dir [/]. Reason: No such process (3)." UserInfo=0x2048c060 {NSLocalizedDescription=Could not open dir [/]. Reason: No such process (3).}, code = 

This is after attempting to connect to an NFS share from my NAS that works perfectly from my Mac. This error msg makes absolutely no sense! I'm thinking about factory resetting the AppleTV, re-jailbreaking it, and reinstalling aTV Flash - can anyone think of any issues I might run into?