I’m a previous Kodi user, but I’ve been using Infuse on tvOS as my primary video player for about 2 months and so far I’m very impressed! The rate of new releases and quick bug fixes is outstanding. That being said then there is always room for improvements. I have no doubt that Infuse will continuously get better - I just thought I’d share my observations/wishes. The list is quite long and all the points aren’t that important - I wouldn’t leave anything out though…

  • Watched icon + personal trakt rating
  • Seeking preview and +10 forward/back icon (like Netflix)
  • Even faster stop/start (especially after pause)
  • List view
  • Browse by genre
  • Continuous playback is great for TV-shows, but not that useful for movies
  • Favorite icons - posters of content
  • Resume playing section - to continue watching in progress TV-shows
  • Subs/progressbar overlaying each other - bump up subs when progressbar is visible
  • Option to parse everything instead of having to go to every show/folder (incl. progressbar). Result should show what couldn't be matched.
  • Details view
    • Show the following: Filename, Rating, Original Air Date, Resolution (480p, 720p, 1080p), Audio (2.0, 5.1), Genre
    • Bottom scroll list should center around currently selected movie
    • Bottom scroll list click should change focus to play/edit/rate
  • Sorting options in view - not in settings
    • Sorting options: Title, Filename, Year, Rating, Added
  • View filters
    • Watched
    • Resolution
    • Year
  • Parsing
    • Multiple episode support
    • Recognize 101, 102, ... naming
    • Ignore subfolders/unrecognized files - at least don’t break sorting and display artwork
    • Disregard TV-show title in season folder (e.g. "Breaking Bad Season 01")
    • Support for movies split into multiple CD's - CD1/CD2
  • Subtitles
    • Download window too narrow to see full title
    • Font preview would be great
    • Black background option
    • Increased shadow/outline/stroke
    • Time offset easier adjustable - maybe placed at the top in settings
    • Other download sources - e.g. subscene.com

I hope eveything makes sense - otherwise I’d be happy to elaborate.

Keep up the great work! :smiley:

Sorry, I must have missed this when you originally posted it.

Thanks for the detailed thoughts. :slight_smile:

Yeah I like the black background idea. I miss it from the ATV 3 I switched from. And that resume playing feature like Plex has where a thumbnail is shown… Yes and amen.

No worries - as long as you’ve seen it now :wink:

And you’re very welcome - thank you for a great app :smiley: