Wishlist: Known Issues forum/topic/list

Here is a suggestion that I think may help with the sanity of aTV Flash users. I would like to see a Known Issues List or Topic or Forum. Something put out by aTV Flash regarding the major known issues and their status. Creating a forum around it, would help users report other issues for each release but also offer work arounds. Maybe a forum is too much and would siphon posts from other areas of the user forums. In that case even a static known issues list would be helpful.

Adobe Flash, Hulu and Boxee are the three most asked questions that I see. Having some official word on their status will be helpful. I know aTV Flash posted a comment regarding Adobe Flash saying that Apple TV 3.0 changed the plugin architecture and that they are working on it. However, having these issues and their status listed in an easy to find section of the forums will help a lot of folks. A ping every now and again regarding the status of known issues would also be helpful.


Not a bad idea. I’ll pass that along.

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i’m sure, that idea das been discussed and accepted.

where can i find this list?