wireless password retained after jailbreak?



I’ve never jailbroken an Apple device. I’m getting an Apple TV 3 next week and I plan on buying ATV flash once it works on the new apple TVs!

So I have an impossibly long WPA2 password with special characters etc. entering this on an iDevice is already hell. I assume without a keyboard it will be worse on the apple tv. I would like to use the new ATV before I can jailbreak it (whenever that is available) but I assume that all settings will be deleted and will have to be reentered.






Yes - a jailbreak effectively wipes everything on the system and comes up in an ‘as new’ state as far as settings are concerned.

Regarding the ATV3 - I am not sure what the timescale will be for a jailbreak. Since the ATV3 has new hardware such as the A5X processor it is almost certain to be after a JB is available for the ATV2 with 5.0 firmware. I am hoping that the work done on A5 processor based systems such as the iPhone 4S will help shorten the timescale as will also want to JB an ATV3.

Sounds like a larger project. is it difficult, nay, impossible for a rough timeframe? I understand if they don’t because then people cry bloody murder if it takes longer.

How long did it take for the ATV2? I know that I won’t be able to resist and will have to reenter the password. But if that is my only problem, then I’m doing pretty well :slight_smile:





my main reason is to watch some movies stored on my NAS. Used to have a WDTV live which just died so decided to go the Apple route since all my other gear already is from the Apple universe :slight_smile: