Wireless NAS Access Changed???

Strange behavior and wanted to check before I submit a but report.  I have an AppleTV’s (black) with Beta 7 most current and jailbroke with most current SeasOnPass 4.3 untethered.  I operate over a wireless network with an Airport Extreme Router and 2 Western Digital 3 Gig USB HD’s on a hub.

In the past both of my HD’s were available via Media Player.  With the last update I have lost access to one of the two HD’s.  When I try to select the second HD I get the time passing symbol that runs for an extended period of time.  Then the AppleTV restarts like it found a critical error.

I have an AppleTV in another room that I have not updated to Beta 7 maintenance and media player.  It can still access both HD’s via the wireless network via media player.

Anybody heard of this or have an idea?


I updated Media Player to 0.9 today and I still have the same problem.  Any ideas???

Maybe try restarting your Airport Extreme?

If after that you are still having trouble please send in a bug report as described here: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/4291

I did that with no success.  I even replaced the USB hub.  It still works with the pre Beta7 that I still have on 1 of my AppleTV Black.