Wireless keyboard/mouse

Hi ; I am thinking of purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse ( Logitec S530 for Mac) and was wondering if it will work when using the Couch Surfer.It has a USB connection.The iphone remote is a bit “sensitive” and would prefer a keyboard/mouse…

Yeah me to zoomley, anyone out there that can help a newbie? I was thinking along similar lines, with apple wireless keyboard and mouse via a usb hub into the Apple TV.

I’d be grateful for any guidance



I have a wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitec Cordless Desktop EX 100), however I can only get the mouse to work. I tried with/without a USB hub.

Looking for help on this also.


Contacted tech support on the wireless keyboard not working issue. Received the following response. “Unfortunately USB keyboards are not supported in the current version of Couch Surfer. This feature should return soon.”