Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

I read an aTV Flash response re: wireless keyboards & mouse:
"Wireless (non-bluetooth) keyboards are supported. Unfortunately the Apple TV does not have a bluetooth interface, or bluetooth drivers. Keyboards that use a USB dongle with an IR or radio interface will work just fine.’

Based on this reply, can I assume that I can attach any USB dongle(s) and external HD to a USB hub?

I am considering the Logitech diNova (PN 920-001153) keyboard and Logitech MX 100 (PN 910-000718) mouse as the AppleTV is located behind a closet door. Logitech has software (drivers?) for these devices. Do I need to install the software for the keyboard/mouse to work? If so, how/where to install?

Does anyone have experience with these products with an aTV Flash installation?

Yes, it is possible but it’s quite and involved process to copy all the files you need into the right places.

I’m using AppleTV 2.4 with ATVFlash 3.6.4

I’ve paired Apple Wireless Keyboard & Apple Mighty Mouse with no problems. (Tested using Firefox.app from the Nito Applications Menu)

My dongle is a Belkin Mini Bluetooth USB Adapter - 2.1EDR / Class 2 http://www.ebuyer.com/product/147293 - It’s tiny and states on the box: Compatable with OSX 10.2 or higher

Took me about 7hrs in total to get it all working. Before you even begin you will need files from the AppleTV v1.0 restore DMG and the OSX 10.4.10 combo update. (OS-dot-DMG 1.0.dmg, MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.10Intel.dmg)

I can post instructions but the process involves copying files, changing permissions etc using SSH. Depends how technical you are:) My instructions would be specific to OSX.

I have been working on this forever, but was never able to get it working. A description of the required steps would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

I also emailed aTV Flash with the question and received the following response from them:

“Essentially any non-bluetooth wireless keyboard will be supported. Currently it’s not possible to install the required Bluetooth drivers, or enable Bluetooth pairing on the AppleTV. Wireless devices that use IR or RF wireless technology can be setup without having to install additional software.”

My response to them:

“I looked at your suggested keyboard, and although I love the idea of a keyboard/trackpad combo, I’m not sure about the DSI model. Way too complicated for my wife or my needs and too Window-like.

What do you think about the Adesso WKB-4000MAC? (http://www.adesso.com/products_detail.asp?productid=368#) It seems clean and simple.”

And they replied:

“Yes, that keyboard use a 2.4 RF radio USB dongle which will be supported on the AppleTV”

Buckles & abby123 :

It appears you are referring to a Bluetooth solution. Although you might have that solved, I think I’ll be going with the 2.4 RF keyboard/trackpad. Thanks for your contribution!


I followed the instructions here:




Hi Guys,

Have all the latest… aTV v3.0, aTVFlash 4.0

I also have an original Apple BT keyboard [3 batteries] and a ‘E-BLUE NAVIC Bluetooth Dongle’ which seems to work with everything [actually very impressive] including Mac OS X 10.1.

So… now i am so impressed with aTV Flash… there must be a simple way to get Bluetooth working without getting into the terminal? Some of the threads here seem way to detailed…

If it’s too much trouble… what are the other [best and easiest] options [iphone?]

Thx as always guys


bump… :slight_smile:

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Got Touch…want it all!
Gimme Wireless IR & BT keyboard/mouse w/o setup hassles!