Wireless keyboard $ mice

Hey guys…

I’ve seen that there’s been quite a few questions regarding wireless keyboard and mouse. Beside ATV I have also iMac. Since I do not use wireless keyboard and (wireless mighty mouse) that came with iMac, I wander if can I use it on ATV (have the latest aTV flash installed). When I want to use it with ATV mouse is not recognized, but keyboard somehow attaches itself on iMac (don’t know how to 'break that connection).

Please advise, because I’d really like to use some kind of input device other than remote…


:? This may not help, but perhaps it will give you an idea. My wireless keyboard has a USB dongle that I have plugged into the ATV. This dongle and the keyboard each have a small button that needs to be pushed to sync them. I hope this helps or spurs some one else to respond to you.
Good luck.


thanks for your reply. Apple’s keyboard has integrated blutooth, but it has ‘intialize me’ button. Strange thing is that if I can dissconet it. But when I press any key on keyboard that darn thing attaches it self back to my imac :). I’m shure that there are some settings in some .conf file that need to be deleted. Do we have any OSX guru’s here??

RF wireless keyboards are supported, but unfortunately the AppleTV will not support Bluetooth devices. There are a few compatible wireless keyboards listed here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Accessories

OK…That would perfectly answer my question (unfortunately). Thank you, Max