Wireless Apple Keyboard: What are the shortcuts? How to rename a favorite?

Hi everybody,


i own a ATV2 and an apple wireless keyboard which work well together. (most of the time, sometimes :slight_smile:


but i have two questions:


in media player, i can press & hold the big round button (i guess its ‘play’) and i got a contextual menu for i.e. renaming favorites.


what is the corresponding key which i do have to press on the keyboard?

i tried every key (short- and longpressed), but did not succeed.

its not the obvious button, like SPACE or ENTER.


if i want to rename a favorite in MP (with the remote control), how do i use something like the Cursor-Keys, for moving inside a favorites name?

it seems only to be possible to delete the whole or the last chars from a favorite, which is very inconvenient, i.e. for names like “2007 - the album with the longest name in the world” which i’d like to rename to “the album with the longest name in the world”.


does anybody know the tricks?