Hello all,

I've been waiting very patiently for coming up 2 months since paying out for the aTV Flash beta (for the Black G2 ATV box), and as a Windows user am feeling left out still.

I am running Windows 7 and have not seen any post of any success with Windows so far as to Jailbreaking. A week ago when Seas0nPass was announced I thought it wouild answer the problem and make this work at last but alas, "Windows is coming soon" - unfortunately this could be ages off, rather than "soon" - does anyone know when "soon" is as my aTV beta runs out in December 2011 and I have had absolutely nothing for my money so far!

Anyone with any idea on Windwos version release date please let me know, or any other poor Windows user that has managed to get something from their aTV Flash - any hints or tips welcomed...


Thanks to all in advance.




Yes same like me. Iam waiting and waiting but i bought already ...  Plz give us information about the windows version.

I'm with ya guys!

This waiting is getting old.

Got our cash and left out to dry.

IMO: I don't see a windows JB any time soon and i really don't think they care about the windows users.

You heard the old saying: Hurry up and wait?

Well were still waiting for something or anything?


On a side note.

I always heard that APPLE JUST WORKS?

From reading all the post from APPLE USERS it looks like it don't work as they say it does.


World be nice to get an update other than coming soon!

I think applying "[it] just works" to jailbreaking is stretching the meaning just a little far. ;)

Your license will be reset when final version is out, it is still in beta. So if you paid for a 1 year and the final version of ATV Flash black comes out in march, you will have till march 2012 of updates even if you got it in december. If you got 2 years, then till march 2013 and so on .

Still it does not excuse the fact that you only know it does not work under Windows till you have paid for it, kinda sucks ......

Ya think?

I hear ya.

The money is not a problem????

The problem is the fact that we don't get any updates when the WINDOWS!! version will be released.

They just keep giving us the generic reply of WINDOWS VERSION COMING SOON!

Hell, Define SOON?


On a side note while WAITING! for the windows release i did do a backup of my SHSH Blobs.

I followed the instuction in here.

TinyUmbrella. works great and is easy to use, and YES it works with windows.


Something to do while we are WAITING!!!



I've been able to jailbreak with Win 7 using Seas0nPass via an OSX VM (VMWare, SnowyVM). I've got everything to work inside of the VM, running Seas0nPass, creating custom firmware, restoring the custom to the atv2, etc...The issue I've had is getting the thing booted back up after the custom firmware is in place.  I've not been able to tetherboot via SeasonPass in OSXVM, or Win 7 (tetheredboot utility)   :(


Guess you can add me to the waiting list. 

Yes same problem here, tried every variation, looking forward to some bug fixes and actually using plex.

They are obviously waiting to piggy back off redsn0w when a windows version comes out for the latest JB. So when the latest redsn0w is out for windows, seasonpass will be "updated" with their new "development"

The Windows version of Seas0nPass is currently under heavy development and will be released as soon as possible. It's taking a bit longer to complete as many of the components included in Seas0nPass are not natively supported in Windows (some aren't even supported in Mac OSX 10.5) and alternatives need to be used in their place.

FYI - the progress of aTV Flash (black) is not being slowed in any way by the development of Seas0nPass.