Windows Vista Users Unite!!!

Has anyone been able to join the “ftp://frontrow@AppleTV.local”? Apparnetly this is where you need upload your movies in order to view the formats ATVFlash unlocks. I believe it’s the reason why we all spent our hard earned money for. Needless to say, when I try to connect it prompts me that there is no connection with the server. Once I actually find a flash drive that allows me to load ATVFlash on my AppleTV I suppose this will be my next frustrating huddle.

I have been advised of a wiki link - that id supposed to solve my problem. It has not. Anyone? Bueller?.. Bueller?.. Bueller?.. Bueller? (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for all those to young to know)

Talk me down from the bridge I’m about to jump off of!

I wonder if the computer used to make that tutorial had Bonjour for Windows installed. Try this, download Bonjour for Windows and try again connecting to the AppleTV. If that is the case I make sure the wiki is updated.

I thought you were bang on. I downloaded bonjour (64bit in my case) and I still have issues connecting. As mentioned before I can even enter in a USERNAME and PASSWORD. Hmmmm… anymore random thoughts?

If I re-named my AppleTV (no space) to Apple TV with space) does that make a difference when I try to connect to the FTP site the ftp://frontrow@appletv.local ?

You can definitely try. I just got home so I’ll try to look into this further for you.

Are you able to connect to the Apple TV with WinSCP via FTP or SFTP? You can also try using the Apple TV IP address (found in the Apple TV Settings > General > About menu) instead of AppleTV.local.

If neither of these work, then most likely there was a problem installing aTV Flash. Do you see the new menu items on the Apple TV?

Thanks for all your help. It ended up being the flash Drive. I reinstalled ATV Flash and it works like a charm!

What’s the purpose of ftp://frontrow@AppleTV.local. What should I do with it? I went there but I don’t know what to do. You said in the wiki to copy all folders to the apple tv but I don’t know how to do that. And what do I do with empty folders?

How do I install adobe flash on the apple tv?

Thanks for your help.