Windows version - any instructions?

Thanks for getting the Windows version of the aTV beta available ahead of schedule - much appreciated.

Now, being an aTV novice, I need some help in how to get this up and running please on my aTV.

Having never jailbroken one before - the instructions refer to pwnage which I believe is a MAC method of jailbreaking - what do us Windows paupers use and are there any instructions please? Also how do the aTV install instructions differ for Windows than for MAC please?

Thanks in advance to all for any help and guidance, much appreciated...


I have PC also with ATV 2G (running 4.2.1)


I currently have 4.2.1 firmware on-board but purchased the beta anyway, if you check your ATV when plugged in to TV check the software level (under General>about & click right or left button to see various versions etc.l)


Need to Jailbreak device - it gets confusing here, told to use redSn0w but doesn't see device (maybe due to 4.2.1 firmware - also advised to back up `SHSH blobs` too (just in case) - but tinyumbrella doesn't see device either (although iTunes when launched can see it)

i may look into this further tomorrow, but until updates are available I think it will be trial & error if at all (at the moment)


(you may want to look at this post - <<< double check your ATV 2G Firmware!

Thanks DC_Zol,

Yes, I found how to check the aTV firmware level - I pre-ordered mine and so got one of the very early ones and have not run any updates, so when I checked yesterday, I was pleased to see it is still running 4.0, so I can use the Firecore app - i just need to jailbreak it so will have a look at the windows options like the ones you mentioned - are they fairly simple to use, or will I end up with a black brick?

Thanks again,




I can't do it with mine yet but the procedure seams straight forward enough - but check through the documentation with any software - as to which software is best to jailbreak, sorry can't help (just make sure it's AppleTV2G compatible)


I'm waiting now for the 4.2.1 jailbreak & update




**update** although this video is for MAC it does show you the usage of TinyUmbrella & using the PWnage tool (MAC) - quite useful!

Whatever did we do before YouTube? Thanks again DC_Zol...




nickw.56175: check this


nickw.56175: check this



Thanks FidelGR - unfortunately no info on how to jailbreak using windows 7 (64-bit) yet - I'll wait patiently as I don't want a black brick! Keen to get running with aTV though - all be it the features I really want aren't there yet - the streaming of other formats from other network devices without iTunes!