Windows users...

I’m a Windows user, and just got my ATV today. All the other sites such as atvmod, atvpatch, etc. etc, offer patchsticks, but of course, they are either down, or they don’t have the files available anymore. I don’t mind paying for something, and I could really care less who about the recent problems that the creator of atvpatch and atvmod are having. I would definetely buy from Applecorellc, since they are the only site that I can see that looks professional, and doesn’t go down every hour on the hour (atvpatch). Again, I’m a Windows users, and as I can see, the downloadable files are only to make the patchstick if you own a MAC. What am I to do? There has got to be something that Applecore can do to help us Windows users out ? Does anyone have any comments?

I too am a Windows user who is stuck. I am scouring eBay looking for a cheap Mac, but until then I can’t even upgrade to ATVflash 3.1 for ATV version 2.01. Until ATVflash has a windows version, we need to find a Mac friend who can help. Are there any Mac folks out there who would help us out?


What irritates me the most, is that Applecore is selling a product. A product that any Internet user from around the world, can choose to purchase. With this in mind, why do most questions go un-answered, especially the ones for Windows users. If I plan on buying something, and I have questions about something, then I expect the company selling the item to at least supply the answers. If you CANNOT help out the Windows users, albeit in the past or present, then let us know and stop beating around the bush. If I was one of those Windows users who had already purchased the pre-made patchstick , and now to find out I really only have two options, I would be seriously pissed! The options: You can send the patchstick back to Applecore, and have them update it, or you can find a friend that has a MAC and get an update from that! That’s absolutely no support, in my own opinion. It might be support if Applecore is going to send out prepaid boxes for all Windows users automatically. It might be support if Applecore is going to refund at least half of it’s money to Windows users. I’m tired of coming to this board and expecting to find an answer to my question, but of course, I probably never will. If Applecore, doesn’t want Window’s users money, then that’s fine by me. Applecore’s site looks professional and all but if you have no support to back it up, then STOP taking people’s money!

Ok, that may be a righteous rant, so forgive me but I have to ask a question.

Do you mean we have the option of sending the patchstick back to AppleCore and have them update it for us? Because although its not the best solution, it would work for me.

Can someone confirm that?


Could I get a clarification? Do Winndows users have the option of sending the unit, or a patchstick to ATV flash to get it updated?


Applecore has said we Windows users have two options: 1. Find a friend with a Mac, 2. Send the unit in to Applecore. And there is the problem, the word “unit”. I have enquired (with no response) what is meant by “unit”. Either the Flash Drive or the aTV itself. I certainly don’t mind spending the postal to update the Flash Drive with Applecore (I have done it b4). But I certainly don’t want to send in my aTV unit. Applecore insists that it is working on a solution for us Windows inflicted people. I am one of those Windows users who purchased the earlier version of ATV Flash and totally believe in this product. Anything to not spend the hours converting movies to an aTV friendly format is worth it!

I agree. Would someone from AppleCore please respond to the question? Whatever the answer is, its better than no answer at all.

I solved it by installing a copy of OSX 86 on my AMD machine, thereby turning my AMD windows machine into a Mac.
This allowed me to install the software on a USB stick and update my ATV.

As this is a bit laborious here is another way you can potentially get around the issue.
I have found a free program that allows you to create an image file from a USB stick. It also supports copying the image file back to a USB stick.
In other words, if you can get someone to provide you with the correct image file you should be able to simply load that onto a USB stick

The program for creating the USB image file can be found here:
I created the image from a 512MB SB stick, and the image file weighs in at 491MB.

Will it work? I have no idea yet. I am planning on getting a new USB stick this afternoon so that I can write the image file to it and test it.
If it works I will let you know. Then all you need to do is get Applecore to provide a download link to the USB image file for registered Windows users who have purchased the product.

To be continued…

Sad to say…it did not work.
I tried writing the image to 2 different brand 1 GB USB sticks (could not find a 512 MB similar to the original one I created) but the ATV does not accept them.

Looks like the only solution for owners of a Windows PC is to buy / borrow a Mac.
Or you can do what I did…install OSX 86 on your PC. Not a trivial task and perhaps not worth the bother…

I spoke to soon…turns out I did not create the image of my USB stick correctly.

When you create the image you have the option of selecting the entire disk (USB stick) or just the partition.
I accidently selected the partition, resulting in an image file that has no master boot record… and therefore would not boot when copied onto another USB stick.

Just created a new image from my working 512 MB USB stick and then copied that onto a new (1 GB) USB stick. Reset my ATV to factory settings, booted it with the new USB stick and presto…the installation starts and completes successfully. Pretty cool huh.

So…there is a way to help you folks. Question is: will Applecore pick this up and provide you with a working image file that you can simply load onto your USB stick using the free software I mentioned in my previous post?

Totally Cool!
Applecore has indeed made the AtvFlash patch files available to subscribing members. I have file 3.0 and 3.1 from applecore.

How do we proceed to test this?




As you are a subscribing member I will provide you with detailed instructions and a download link to test the process I described.
It worked for me but there is no harm in someone else giving it a try as well.

I will send you a private message with a URL and password. Please do not share with other users as I have no way of determining whether they are entitled to download the software!


Hello Karim,

If you wouldn’t mind could you please send me the same information. I have purchased atv flash a month ago and have not been able to flash it. I have a windows machine and I cannot seem to load the OSX on my virtual machine.



Holy cow! The install went even smoother than I could have hoped for… amd I am just your average XP user… no deep knowledge of XP or bootable disks, etc.

I decided to do the factory reset back to ATV version 1.1 as I seem to recall that installing newer versions of ATVflash over older versions is a newer feature beginning in ATVflash version 3.0 or so.

The initial flash drive creation appears to be a huge success! The system installed ATVflash as described and booted fine and the new items are on the display.
Internet (Couchsurfer)
Media (Saphire) still need to test - I’m a noob with this one.
DVD - I’m a noob with this one too.
Files - I used this most of all on the old system. I need to copy some files over to test.

I’ve resynched some tunes from my iTunes library and they seem to work fine (checking the basics)

Couchsurfer seems to work fine.
I am now starting to copy over some of my old movies. These are mostly AVIs but also a few MPGs that didn’t work with Nito on ATVflash version 2.

I may need assistance testing the mounting of a remote share as I am a noob here too. Can I get a few pointers on this?

Thanks again! I will report again after some more testing!


Great to hear that the solution I came up with worked for you. Now all we need is for Applecore to start offering pre-cooked USB image files on their website.

regarding the MPG files: I am completely new to aTV Flash on the aTV, but what I noticed is that I can only play my MPG files by selecting them through the DVD menu option. I suspect that this has to do with the fact that I record all my films in Beyond TV using the “DVD Ready” quality setting. When I try to access them through the File menu I get a message saying that the files can not be played.

As for all the other options, I have not had the time to look at what they do. Sapphire seems to do nothing in combination with the few MPG movies I have FTP’ed to my aTV. But I must admit that I have not bothered to try and read any documentation (there is documentation available…right?).

By the way, the FTP option combined with the fact that I no longer need to convert my recordings to the aTV format is fantastic!

No idea how to setup the remote share option. Hoping to find out a bit more by strolling through the forum at some point.


I am having intermittent success running mpg files but avi files, which are 90% of what I watch today are running fine.

I am still learning Sapphire, so I will have more to report on that later.
Couchsurfer is running fine, as is RSS feed and Weather.

So all in all, I have the same features added as before but on ATV 2.1 software. This is great.

I still need to figure out how to mount a shared drive. This will be a huge benefit as I have purchased a linksys device that attaches to your router and allows you to connect external USB storage on your network.

If I can figure out how to acecss files from the USB network device from the aTV, then I can download files to it, using my PC, and access them from the ATV without having to use WinSCP and transferring them. This will mean centralized storage to my network! Huge! And accesible from several points as I use SageTV to record OTA network TV, and also save internet TV series to the same drive. Yahoo!

More testing to follow but so far I have improved performance over the previous version of ATVflash, and I couldn’t have installed it without your help!

Hey Applecore… what do you think? I am willing to do more beta testing if needed.



I was wondering if you couls send me the image as well. I was unsuccesful in loading osx on my vm as well.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Karim



Good posting.

My atvflash didn’t work either. My friend even came over with his Ibook but the resulting usb stick did not work. What a drag installing all the pictures and movies again.

I had given up on ATV additions until I read this posting.

Now after reading it I would think applecore would post usb images to download as a supplement to the dmg files. Any news on this?


Due to licensing restrictions, we are not able to post an img file.

Unfortunately a Mac is still required to install the software. We’re hoping to have a Windows solution at some point, but this is proving more difficult than originally anticipated.