Windows Users - How Do We Update?

u might have trouble to install patch through Vista. According to my previous experience, I will suggest you use Mac OS to unzip the file to create the flashstick. ATV currently sounds not have stable format for window user. It might keep rebooting your ATV or stay recovery mode even you can successful install in Linux mode if you use Vista to create flashstick…beaware.

I have XP. How do Windows users update? This doesn’t seem fair but maybe thats just life. Buyer Beware. Can we ask a fellow ATV user with a Mac to create an updates stick and mail it to us?

Could we get some feedback on this topic from the moderators/administrators please? Windows users are just out of luck? Buyer beware?

We are planning to offer Windows users an update option as well. We have not made a final decision how this will be handled, but we’re not going to leave you out in the cold :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. I have enjoyed the extras that you have packaged together for us. I am looking forward to the update. I can now watch .avi files, so that makes me really elated! It would be great to be able to access content on external hard drives through the USB port. Please let the Windows users know how we can update! Thank you again!

Hi Vandy,
I am a Vista user also, looking to get Firefox on ATV. Can you describe how you went about installing the original software, and if so can it be done if we do not have access to a Mac?

I actually purchased the package with the USB drive when applecore was selling it as a bundle. It came pre-installed on a USB drive. So I just had to connect it to the aTV and reboot to activate it. I did not use a Mac at all. That’s why I’m wondering how I will get the update on the aTV if I don’t have access to a Mac. I guess that I will find out in a few days!

When I purchased the ATVflash, it came with Couch Surfer. Its not perfect, but like many things “made to work” it gets most of the job done.

Thanks guys for the info. If you download the software now, can you just transfer the download to a USB stick via a PC and plug in to aTV, or will there be a problem getting the disk image from Vista to the stick? Guess will see what the new update offers.

I came across this…

Good luck!

Well I guess - even with Ver 3.1 - Windows users are still out in cold !!!

Don’t worry, I’m sure Applecore won’t respond!

We are still working on a solution for Windows users. Getting the software to run correctly on a Windows machine is far more difficult.

Right now we are offering to options for Windows users.

  1. Download the Mac version, and use a friends computer.
  2. Send the unit in to us, and we will update it at no cost.


Thank you for the response. By “unit”, do you mean us sending you our aTV? Would it be possible if you send me a USB drive (the ones that sell for cheap on but work well on the aTV) with the updated version of aTV Flash, and I will pay you for the USB drive and the shipping? Also, will you have an update that will work with firmware version 2.1? If so, I will wait until then. Please try to have the options to use the aTV’s USB port to connect to an external drive and to be able to play flash content websites such as Hulu on the aTV in your next update so that Windows users can enjoy those features as well! Thank you for continuing to improve your product.

I asked the same question and the Applecore admins sent me to this response

I am an XP user at the moment, but soon to go back to Linux, So most likely my apple TV will be stand alone. I think if worse comes to worse I will go to someplace like Kinkos and rent a half hour of Mac time, to create the new updated flash drive. That should work if all else fails.

Take a look at the posts in this topic. My solution for Windows users: