Windows Share not showing all folders.

My “TV Shows” share has about 31 folders in it… on for each show.  At about the 20th folder, no more are listed.  The folders are alphabetical and the last folder I can see begins with “R”.  Now matter which way I go into the share, either from the mount point, or if I browse from the server share, it stops at the same folder.  Other shares seem to show all files/folders even though there are just as much folders or more. 


I’ll haven’t tried to readd this share yet, but thought I’d give you all a heads up incase others see this.







Hmm - is anyone else seeing this issue?

Another observation. The last folder I can see is the last folder before shows that begin with “the”. For example, I can see “the colony” up top with the “c” shows, but I dont see “the Simpsons” or any other folders that start with T thru Z.

OK. Just noticed something weird.  On my macbook pro, I check the same windows share and I am missing the same folders under there as well.  Of course if I check on my PC, I see every thing.  Is there some sort of limit to the number of folders a Mac/ Apple product will display? 


I see the first three folders that contain “The” because they are within A thru R.  I see nothing else after that.  Just odd. 

I’ll post back if I figure this out. 



I did some research and testing.  It appears this is a known issue, but just hasn’t been fixed by Apple.  I verified with another share that has over 80 folders and files, and the Mac only shows a portion of it.  

I do know that the share is still accessible by a mac if you specify the name,  i.e. smb:/server/share/sub folder  but just won’t show if a folder listing.

So I think we can scratch this one off the bug list for this product. 


Interesting. I hadn’t heard of that issue before - thanks for following up. :)