Windows help needed

Hi all,

You have probably read this a 1000 times but i recently purchased the ATV Flash for Windows.
My Apple TV is up to date and i have a 16gb Kingston USB Stick

i have tried umpteen times to build my patch stick but i can’t get the thing to boot. reading a lot of posts alot of fixes are for Mac only.
what is the problem here is my stick not bootable?? can anyone educate me what i need to do to get my stick booting.

i have a Mac at work which i have brought home which is running snowleopard but as i purchased the Windows version this is useless to me, i tried to see that because i purchased this product that i might be able to go in to my account and download the Mac version as well but i can’t.

any tips i read about disk managment on the stick seems pointless to me as the installer erases the disk during the process. (unless someone can point mein the right direction of what to run under the Bin folder)

2GB Usb sticks seem to be quite rare now so how can i be sure what is bootable and what is not? then again i think i could be the method i am preparing the stick which is making it unbootable.
i can use the USB stick in windows to boot winPE and even a ubuntu image.

please if anyone has shared this same pain as me …could you help me out and tell me what to do next???

Thanks in advanced

I’m assuming you followed the step by step instructions at

If you did I would say your usb stick is not going to work. If you are having difficulty finding a 2 gig stick, I can tell you a 4 gig Verbatim will work. But if you look at you can pick up one that will work from amazon for less than $15. Hope this helps

Thank you so must for your quick and helpdul reply.

i went and bought a Sandisk 2GB Cruzer titanium and this worked first time.

i never moved the U3 from the stick though so i guess the ATVFlash took care of this

Thanks for your help
much appreciated