Windows 7 computer doesn't show up

Hi, i’m new here!

I’m really interested in using the infuse 2 app. I’m trying to stream files from my windows 7 computer to my iPad air.

I have a problem with detecting my computer while trying to add a shared folder on my computer “via network share”. Nothing appears in “available shares” (except my wireless printer). When i try to add my computer using “Other” it also doesn’t show up…

I must confess that i’m a noob concerning network setups. Is there a guide for setting smb the right way? My computer isn’t protected by a password. Is this key for using smb?? The reason why i don’t have a password is that i often use “wake on lan” to turn on my computer and quickly have acces to my files without having to enter a password.

I never had any problems using services like PS3 media server.

Can anybody help me? Thanx!!

You might check to ensure File Sharing is enabled on your PC

A bit more info on setting this all up can be found here.

Thanx for the reply! I’ve got it working!!! It was the password thing… Is there no other way to let it work without using a password?

In my home LAN I have no problems with Macbook and WD Book streaming to ipad’s Infuse but no luck with Windows 7. Both Fing anf FileBrowser see Windows 7 SMB without any password. Does Infuse insist on setting a password for Win7?
BTW. Why there is no option to edit shares settings?