Windows 10 to Apple TV 4K/iPhone 7. No Dice!

Hi guys!

First post here so hello to everyone!

So let me just say that I’m a total noob. I’m moving over to the Apple ecosystem little by little. From my iPhone 7 to my Apple TV 4K to an iMac some time next year.

So seeing as I’m still on Windows PC, I’ve been having trouble connecting my shares to my iPhone or ATV. I’ve tried the guides for sharing and finally got my iPhone to see my laptop but only after setting up a Workgroup.

But under shared, every time I select the Laptop or IP address, I get errors. For the Laptop everything is grayed out and I get the cannot connect error.

For the IP address I get a username and password combination error. Not sure which username/password combo it’s asking for?

I’ve actually been trying for days with no luck. I was looking forward to trying out my 4K HDR movies :frowning:

Thanks for the help!


Have you looked at the support page here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore ? Down near the bottom of that page is a section “Device specific notes” there’s even a note regarding Windows 10 and a link to a page to help setting that up for sharing.

Good luck!

Hi Bullseye. I’ve tried all of that but I keep getting errors. Homegroup is the only way my laptop is visible. Could you tell me what Username and Password it’s asking for?


Sorry but the last version of windows I had to use on a daily basis was 3.1. Then I realized the error of my ways and went 100% Mac.

It looks like your trying to set up to different ways to access your files, both DLNA and SMB. SMB is what I’ve had best luck with as for speed and not having file names change on their own.

Maybe someone who is more familiar with windows 10 will step up and help you get things going in the right direction. Sorry.

I think we are past the Windows/Mac specific issues because the username and password errors are present on both platforms. So could you perhaps tell me what Username and password I need to fill in? Maybe that’s all I need to do. I mean it’s seeing my laptop. So the sharing is working. Just needs authorization of some sort?

Thanks again and Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

That’s what I was trying to explain, I do not know how users are set up in Windows 10 and how access is granted for those users to different drives and directories so I really don’t have a clue as to what user and password to tell you to use. On the Mac I have set up multiple users and each one has access to different directories and each has different passwords.

Again, you showed two different ways of accessing shares, DLNA and SMB. I’d stick with SMB from my experiences and hopefully someone who does know windows will be able to give you specific directions on how to set up users and privileges.

Fair enough. Thanks again for replying. :slight_smile:

One thing to check is that File Sharing is enabled correctly on your PC. There is a CNET guide which describes how this can be done here.

With regard to username and passwords, this will be the username/password combo you use to login to your PC (note, if you use a PIN to login in Windows 10 this will be different than your password).

Lastly, we have a new SMB implementation currently in progress which will improve support for Windows 10 and many other devices, and hope to have this available in early 2018.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. That link seems to be irrelevant to my needs as it only allows sharing to specific apps like Twitter, Facebook, Mail.

I also tried using my laptop password and email address as my username to no avail. I’m really lost. I was looking forward to purchasing the Pro version and leaving Plex behind because I don’t like the whole mandatory server sync and buffering issues.

Do you know anyone with similar problems with a step by step tutorial for Windows 10?

I’m really looking forward to that new update. Sounds like a much needed change for Windows users!

Thanks again!

Sorry you’re having such an issue getting set up. I was directed by a friend that consults on PCs to one more tutorial on win 10 sharing that is very detailed on how to share folders and set levels. Try these instructions, their really clear. Heck I think even I could follow them. LOL

Good Luck!

OMG! It worked! You sir, are a legend! Shares showed up and my username and password were accepted. Frame rate and HDR switching worked flawlessly and that moment, when the content ACTUALLY plays after trying for so long and almost giving up? Pure Joy! Lol

Such a beautiful player. Plex who? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Glad you found the magic spell that turned things around!

Time to binge watch a few 4K movies! :wink:

INDEED! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

Hey Guys. I have another problem and I thought I would keep it on the same thread even though it’s unrelated to the topic.

So I signed up for the 1 month trial which I plan on continuing after the trial ends. But I applied the sub on my ATV 4K. But on my iPhone, it’s asking for me to apply for a Trial again.

Both devices are using the same Apple ID so why is this happening? Is this normal or do you have to buy multiple pro subs for multiple devices even if it’s for the same ID?

Thanks guys!

There’s a ‘Restore’ button at the bottom of the subscription screen. Click that and it’ll work. You don’t need to buy multiple subscriptions for different devices.

Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah that restore button did the trick. I was scared to hit it without knowing what it did first.

Thanks again and wishing you a happy 2018! :slight_smile:

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