Windows 10 SMB share issue/bug?

I just set up a windows 10 pro computer with an external hard drive that has all my media. The media folders are shared via windows smb. The windows computer is running a VPN client.

When trying to add the share in Infuse it sees the available windows share name as well as the windows ip address.

When I try to connect to the share name I get a failure to connect message. However, when I connect directly to available share IP it works.

I have seen this before when setting up friend’s windows 10 boxes. I never had time to investigate. But now it’s my computer and I would like to get to the bottom of it. :slight_smile:

Infuse does not have this problem on windows 7, Mac OS, or Ubuntu boxes from my testing. All of these boxes as running the same VPN client also.

I have used the iOS FileBrowser app to test all of these shares (even with the vpn on) and all share are discovered and connect correctly.

It seems that infuse is getting confused between the actual local ip and VPN ip of the windows 10 box.

Any suggestions and what might be going on and how to fix?

There are some Windows 10 specific instructions and tips in the users guide here.

Thanks. All of my settings are correct. The issue as stated above only happens on windows 10 boxes.

My network is solid and all other apps handle the share correctly. Just not infuse.