Window Sharing AppleTV in Finder and Chicken of VNC

These are two methods of interacting with an AppleTV. What do you think of them?

Here is a screen image of the AppleTV as shared on my MacBook Pro. This image was obtained by connecting with the server (appletv.local) in the Finder, selecting window sharing. In order to get a screen image I had to put Window Sharing in the background, putting Finder in the foreground.

Note that I have navigated to Nito, then to settings, to services. Here I have already turned AFP Access to on. This is probably a necessary first step in order to connect to appletv.local.

[attachment=2]Sharing AppleTV on MBP.png[/attachment]

Here is an image where AppleTV is running Firefox. As before Windows Sharing is in the background. Note that I have typed “” into the navigation bar. This demonstrates that you can control AppleTV with the MBP keyboard (and mouse) by using Window Sharing.

[attachment=1]Sharing Firefox on AppleTV.png[/attachment]

I am running concurrently Windows Sharing and Chicken of VNC. I can also capture images but I can do this when Chicken is in the foreground.

[attachment=0]Sharing via Chicken of VNC.png[/attachment]

Finally: my question! Have you used one of these methods for interacting with AppleTV? Do you find one method more useful? Are these techniques merely curiosities of genuinely useful? Note that there may be times when you still have to use the Apple remote to control Front Row.