Wind and skip changes are strange

Hi there and staff. Since the new update the whole winding behaviour has changed in a very strange and inconvenient way. Before, when you press left or right it would skip by 10 seconds, and when you keep pressing it will wind. Now, when you press left or right, it will jump to the next section. In order to wind, you need to keep the buttons pressed. Skip by 10 secs is gone. It happens easily, that you hit a button and the movie jumps to the next or before chapter, and you can be completely gone from you last position. Guys, can you pleeeeeeeaaaaase bring back the old system. It worked since years, and there is no reason to change it. Pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzz. The new system is driving me mad. Many thankzzzzzz. Gregor.

You can switch between chapter skip and 10s skip by adjusting the ‘Chapter Controls’ option in Settings.

Hi James, thx so much. You saved my day.
Why are things changed without notice? I don’t find any notice about this in the blog.
Maybe it would be a good idea to track all changes. I’m sure you do. But I would like to be informed before things change. Also, I think the default position for this change should be like the original setting, and not just change. Also, you can easily jump to the next and before chapter, just by pressing the program up and down button. On the Logitech remote :wink: I’m sure many people are using other remotes than the Apple remote.
Anyway, thx :slight_smile:

The default setting for Chapter Controls is OFF.

Maybe it got enabled accidentally?

Glad you’re back on track.

Hi James. I have two atv 4K. It was on on both. I think the change happened after the last update.

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