Will we get responses from you?

Hi @james .
I got two posts:

This post is from 2017 with 82 likes more that 2100 views:

This post is from 201 with 17 likes and more that 350 views:

Several users (not only me) are demanding an answer from you, but there are no answers from you.
These are two very demanded features. Why won’t we get an update from you (since 2017!)?


I completely support this frustration. The shear lack of feedback from a dev side of things is very poor. The only feedback I see generally are the easy wins, and easy fixes. Everything else tends to get nothing.

The entire ‘Suggestions’ system here is a farce. The top four most liked and viewed suggestions have no dev feedback, no “we like this”, no “we’re working on this”, no clear road-mapping to show if these suggestions are going to get worked on, no timescales… nothing. I’d even respect a “we simply can’t do this, sorry” as a response.

If this product was free I would completely appreciate it. But it’s a paid product, so I would expect at the very least that part of the profit would be put toward user requested changes and features. It’s easy to forget that good hard money (profit) is being made from this app. I know, I know - I should show my protest by stopping my subscription. But for the most part I do LOVE this product, so I don’t want to stop using it. But there’s so many small changes, fixes, and features that should be done which would make it amazing.

It frustrates me that Firecore have moved onto making a macOS version (sorry macOS users, nothing personal), before making the tvOS and iOS versions the best they can be. It will just add more issues/bugs to the pot which will never get resolved.

I can only hope that everyone sees your post @strwht, likes it, the dev (or devs - who even knows if there’s more than James) pays attention, and something changes and gets done about this system.

Sorry for the rant :slight_smile:


Thank for your support.
I also pay a yearly subscription for Infuse and a few months ago I read about Infuse 5 users who could upgrade to the latest version for free… I mean, good for them, but I pay for the upgrades, whereas they could upgrade for free…

+1 for wanting to see feature requests at least acknowledged (but hopefully actioned)!

James closed one of my requests with no comment: Displaying posters in collections when in Library view

Thanks for checking in. :slight_smile:

Both those suggestions are good ideas, and something we hope to add in a future update.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA available just yet, but it will most likely be after the release of Infuse 7.


Lol i gave up on infuse suggestions. Its really a joke here. Devs definitely don’t care to respond I’ve just learnt to wait and see what features get pushed.

This is from 2015


Yes, Infuse suggestions is a joke. I mean, both of my suggestions are in the top lists since 2017/2018!
Instead Firecore is improving Emby oder Jelly or Plex stuff…
I will try to switch to other apps, eg. back to Kodi. I think I have to jailbreak my Apple TVs or something…

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People pay less than a dollar a month for a really good app and expect that they can demand any new development? Really?

I guess they don’t realise how cheap the app-store has made software. This application would have cost a hundred dollars in a physical store before the iPhone existed, with no subscription options. At the current price we are lucky that we even get any support. I guess it would be nicer if every suggestion got feedback but why do people feel so entitled?

Subscribing to this app has saved me spending a few hundred on a physical device! I was going to buy a Vero4K+ plus a hard drive to plug into it.

I won’t use the Mac version myself but I think it’s great that there is a Mac version in the works. I am a Mac user but don’t watch media on any of my Macs.


@ader I don’t think that any of the users here feel they are believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

The broken ‘system’ is that Firecore created a ‘Suggestions’ section, but more often than not they don’t provide any feedback. Be that ‘this is good, we’ll work on it’ or 'we don’t feel we can do this.

The problem isn’t the crowds here demanding changes, it’s having no feedback to requests that are now up to 5 years old.

I don’t agree with your logic that because an app is cheap we shouldn’t expect [not demand] feedback.

People are frustrated.

Firecore post healthy annual revenues each year, so I don’t believe they’re really doing us a favor by any means.

You, like everyone else, are more than entitled to your own opinion though.


Same here. The day that the dev do add the feature I requested « Casting to smart TV Without the use of Apple TV / Google cast » (a feature existing in alternatives that are freely available!!!) I will buy the app. Until then my money will speak for me. Ain’t going to waste my time posting suggestions anymore only to get zero feedback.

The problem is, that we don’t get any real response. The suggested features are here since 4 years, always in the top suggestions since then. And we didn’t get any real response.

Another example of very complex feature to implement with zero feedback for almost 2 years…

Thanks for the feedback.

There are a lot of suggestions that come through and many of them are really great.

It’s sort of a tricky thing to balance as we work hard to try and improve things for current users, attract new users, and address things Apple breaks in their updates.

We may not always get this mix 100% right, but Infuse has improved dramatically over the years and new features/improvements are still being added.

Also, moving to the new forum last year has given us better tools for organizing suggestions (sort by likes, merging of threads, better search, etc…). Previously, things would often get posted and buried, or there would be half a dozen threads for the same feature.

Moving forward, I can try and provide a bit more interaction in the suggestions area. This doesn’t always mean every suggestion will have an ETA (many features are much more complex and time consuming than they appear) but it can help facilitate discussion.

FWIW - There are many ideas from the Suggestions area which have been implemented, and you can browse for these by using the solved filter.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Today we’ve started organizing the suggestions area, and created a set of status tags which can be assigned to different threads.

There are still quit a few redundant threads that need to be combined, and a number of completed threads that need to be closed out, but once this is done the suggestions area should become a bit more fine-tuned and useful.

Cheers. :slight_smile:


Heaven help them if they move to Emby/Plex etc…

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For sure a step in the right direction. Thank you, James.

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@james , thank you for the detailed information regarding suggestions!

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