Will there ever be a sale for the lifetime subscription?

The lifetime subscription used to be around $70 and now it is over $90. Will there ever be a sale where the lifetime subscription is discounted at any point?

I’d doubt it. The price has been going up like everything else over the last several years and no “sales” that I’ve seen.

The one good thing is that if you choose to start one of the subscriptions like the annual or the monthly you’re locked in at that price. As long as you don’t let it lapse you’ll never have any increases if the subscription prices go up. :wink:


You are sure about that?

I’m about thinking to switch between Annual to Lifetime, but I’m not sure if it’s a good move or not.

In tech, 10 years is a long period…

Magic 8 Ball says “Yes” :8ball:

Another way to look at it is that if you stay on annual you can continue to provide regular cash flow to the developers. Thing too, it takes a really long time before the annual ends up costing more than the lifetime. At that point who knows what the media playback industry will look like.

But I agree, Dolby and DTS licensing costs keep going up, and that is why the subscription cost has gone up. I don’t see that dropping

The patents on Dolby Digital, DTS, codecs from that era must be nearing their expiration date in the not too distant future, right?

Infuse is mainly sold as a subscription product, as it allows for continuous development and improvement.

This lifetime license is an option available for those who have a strong preference for a one-time purchase instead of a subscription, which at this point represents a small minority of users. The chances of this going on sale in the future are quite low.

With that said, we are investing heavily into the future of Infuse and developing new features and support for new platforms like Apple Vision and these will be made available to all current users without any extra costs.

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Hello James, just to wrap up this topic. Currently, the annual subscription is $12.99 CAD. Does this mean that next year, even if subscriptions increase, that the renewal price will still remain $12.99 as long as it is not stopped? THANKS!

Correct. As long as you maintain an active subscription the renewal price will not change.

If you stop the subscription I believe Apple has a short grace period to keep the original price (if things do go up in the future) but after that re-activating would be at the current price.

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