Will there be rmvb support ?

Is there any plan for infuse to support rmvb? After I bought infuse 2,i realize there isn’t rmvb support. I try looking for alternative apps but still prefer the interface of infuse. Therefore I will like to know will there be any future release that will support rmvb?

You do realise that this format is totally dead right? Supporting it would be a total waste of resources.

RMVB is still the most used format in asia.
So no, it’s unfortunately not totally dead. And yes, it is a welcome feature to have infuse play RMVB.
And yes, RMVB can be played fluently since iPad 3.

I understand and support your request, only if it doesn’t cost James to spend too much time on this.
I’m quite sure you’ll agree that a much better option would be for Asian consumers to switch to modern containers that let vastly wider use-case scenarios (same with avi and Xvid imo), something I fear they’ll never do If their idiosyncrasy is supported,…

There are valid reasons for them to use RMVB. HD-RMVB is half the size of equal quality H264.

You are free to start a campaign of course, to ask Asian consumers to stop using RMVB. While you’re at it, maybe you can also ask the internet to use Mp4 instead of MKV. That way the files are natively supported.

The sole reason a format is used, is because there are valid AND popular reasons to use them. Even Apple has not killed Flash completely. Why’d you think an app like Infuse can dent the way how people use things?

Other apps has RMVB support and it seems the apple-tv versions do support RMVB. So it’s not like they don’t have experience here with that format.

Hey, actually my question is just very simple. i need RMVB support and if infuse doesn’t have RMVB implementation down their road map. I will just look out for another apps instead of upgrading to infuse 3.

You do realise i said I support the request, right? The rest is only my opinion and nothing else. Sorry if it shocked you in any way, but that’s life you know, differing opinions expressed here and there.
Have a nice day.