Will the app support DV 8.1 when tvOS 17 is released?

Based on Apple, DV 8.1 will be supported, does it mean that we should anticipate an update soon to support it in Infuse too?

Link mentioning DV 8.1 feature:


Probably yet to be determined. They might only support it for specific apps (like AppleTV+) and perhaps other premium content providers (Netflix, Disney, Max)…

Hello everybody,

Apple TV 4K will now support Dolby Vision 8.1.

I read everything and its opposite on the various Apple news sites.

Concretely what will it bring to Infuse users?

Will it now be easy to play any movie and series in a true Dolby Vision format? No problem with colors…

What is the best way to play BluRay RIPs to DV with Infuse on Apple TV?

Infuse can already play most Profile 8 as DV anyway.
Not natively though via the Apple new feature. Infuse convers to profile 5 on the fly. Colours are fine on those files. If and when Apple native support becomes a thing in Infuse is so far undisclosed.

If by Blu-ray rips you are referring untouched Profile 7 Dolby Vision rips that will probably never be possible.

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Ok, is this a feature that arrived recently? I didn’t have this before on Infuse.

So for BluRay RIPs, you have to convert them to Profile 8 to take advantage of Dolby Vision?

There it a massive but great thread discussing DV here that may be of interest to you. Tons of good info.

It’s been available for a while. One thing to check is your Infuse settings.
There should be a section for Dolby Vision?
Make sure it’s set to limited.
That way it will play as Dolby Vision if possible but fall back to HDR10 if not.

In the thread that @NC_Bullseye linked there is a tool that I think can convert Profile 7 to Profile 8 it can also convert a profile 8 that Infuse doesn’t like to one that it does I believe.
Thanks again to @speedy for all his work on this.