Will soon be a new version 6?


Wanted to ask if maybe there will be soon a new version 6 so I would rather wait? Or not and should I buy the infuse pro 5?
Because I actually bought version 4!

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There is no ETA For v6, but it could be out sometime in 2018.

Thanks for the reply.
The version 6 would cost extra or you can update the version 5 for free?

If you paid outright for v5 then v6 will be a new app you have to pay for. If you opted for the subscription option then v6 will be a free upgrade from v5.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am then going to decide for the subscription option :o)

Thanks for the great app and great work!

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Sorry, I do not know English well, because of this I’m writing through a translator
If a month ago I paid for the 5 Pro version, after that I can hardly be called an intelligent person? Due to the fact that with the release of version 6 I will have to repeat the purchase.

If you already own the standalone Pro version you are fine. Work on v6 has not even begun yet, so the release is still a ways off.

Hahahaha. The translator is being a little harsh on you I think.

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