Will not read my HDD or anything else

Hi Guy’s

I have followed all the instructions, Videos, installed extras, ran the combo etc etc etc re formatted my HDD 3 times. I looked at all the support links but i just cannot get this app to work. Nito TV will not see any files. I have tried Fat32 Mac os nothing seems to work have i just wasted 39.99?

Any help would be appreciated. 



I’m having the same problem.  I’ve been through these support forums and tried a number of ‘fixes’ with no result.


Any further suggestions or fixes?  The whole point of purchasing ATV Flash was to use an external HDD with my Apple TV.

i have the same problem, but firecore ignores me completely.

everytime i wrote them an email they gave me the same answers although i already told them that i did what they want -> despite it doesn’t work.

but i wasted more money than you guys, because i trusted firecore and i bought the lifetime upgrade …