Will list view be implemented?

Loving the beta, I’ve been running infuse for 5 years or so on the atv2, love it.

Only two things, obviously the favourites icons to be a bit nicer but it appears that’s being addressed after launch.

Will a list view also be implemented? I far prefer it for folders with 1000’s of entries I.e movies folder and tv shows folder.

Thanks guys

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I second the desire for List view please.

Mee too

Yes please! This app was the first one on tvOS that has actually worked properly with my old SMB NAS and played all the files I tried, only thing it’s lacking in is the navigation department.

Hi guys, don’t know Anything about timeline, but under james notes on the beta it is scheduled as an update after release, so we should see it sometime in the future. Hope it’s not too long.

Also does anyone know in the release edition (I’m still beta) if they have made it so when scrubbing backwards and forwards it “clicks” into current play position like on netflix and apple movies etc?

Super Super Super keen on a list view as well please.
… in fact the same list view as per the implementation on ATV2 (… as per jailbreak).

  • David