Will Infuse for macOS Replace Plex?

Will the upcoming app replace the plex server app? :thinking:

From what I’ve read is it’s just a port of the iOS/tvOS app.

Plex server and MacOS Infuse are two total different things.

Infuse in general works without Plex Server App. That will also be the case for the MAcOS Infuse App. Infuse scans your Share and creates a own DB Library.
This includes Metadata crawling.

Plex Server is a Mediaserver which also has its own Player App. Plex provides its own medialibrary incl. metadata crawling etc.

When using with Infuse, Plexserver provides the Library and Metadata information to Infuse. Infuse uses this information instead of scanning the share to build its own internal Library.

When files are played in infuse, Plex provides the filepath and the file is directly played by Infuse. Currently there is no support for the Plex Transcoding capabilities.

With so many great third party options out there it would be pointless for the infuse team to introduce another one.

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The answers above are pretty much correct.

We really have no intention of trying to replicate the features of the Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin servers - and frankly, there isn’t much need for this. Infuse on its own is able to access files wherever they are stored, and play them back natively without the need for transcoding.

One area we do want to explore is having the ability to schedule indexing updates in the macOS app. The idea here is the macOS app could act as a mini-server, indexing new items, and syncing that info to iCloud so its available to other devices. This would allow for even faster indexing on iOS and Apple TV, as the background options on those platforms are a bit more limited.


Yeah, being able to play directly from cloud services with a well done interface and without prior set up like Kodi and Rclone is what I’m looking forward to!

So what you’re saying is that I can easily ditch Plex media server on my Mac Mini server and use infuse only as it is right now?

I have a Mac mini with video on external hard drive. How do I add that to infuse without Plex?

Just do a Get Info on the mini for that hard drive and make sure you have it checked for “Shared Folder” and then directly connect to the mini in Infuse. I’d recommend setting up a media player account on the mini to use as a log in from Infuse. This keeps things simple.

I have never used Plex or any like apps. Just Infuse reading from LAN sources. Works great!

There are instructions here

Thx looks hard. Think I will continue with Plex server with infuse app

Well if you ever want to give it a shot you don’t have to get rid of Plex, you can do them in parallel until your comfortable with it then you can delete the Plex share.

It really takes about 15 minutes to set it up so give it a shot if you find a rainy afternoon. :wink:

Thx Will try now
Thx for support :slight_smile:

Just remember, if you do try it with both the direct connect and the Plex share you’re going to see double of all your videos since Infuse is seeing one set on the Plex share and one set on the SMB share. The doubles will go away after deleting the Plex share.

Got it semi working now. Removed plex but metadata is poor now :sob:

First thing is I’d suggest going into Infuse settings and turning off Embedded Metadata.

That didn’t solve the issue at all

Did the displayed posters change? Like the yts one gone?

No they didn’t

Go into Settings > Library and click refresh metadata

Already tried that no luck here :confused:

With embedded turned off you shouldn’t see the yts posters since I believe those are internal to the files. You don’t have those yts posters as extra files do you?