Will infuse 7 pro consider developing hdmi audio source output?

From the use of 6 to the present, I have been looking forward to the ability to output hdmi audio source code, but no, do you have any plans to develop it? This is very important for people who are used to using AV amplifier decoding and want to improve the effect.

If you are referring to bitstream audio passthrough support, then that is something that Apple must add support for. Infuse cannot support it unless Apple add the functionality in the OS.

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In reality this is unlikely to ever be supported, so I would not get your hopes up. The only real need for it is ATMOS/DTS-X decoding from blu-ray rips, which is not really something Apple is going to see as a benefit to them (they want you to pay and stream content from their apps).

If you need bitstream support then you need a different playback device.