Will I lose my data, settings etc., when install new aTV Flash?


I installed the last pre 1.0 version of aTV flash (black) a while ago. Now I see that 1.0 and 1.1 has been released.

If I install 1.1 now, will I lose my “watched/unwatched” data on Apple TV, as well as other settings there might be (either in aTV Flash or on AppleTV itself)?

Thanks in advance.

I dont think you will but you can always back up and then restore your settings if need be!

Oh, yeah, I remember seeing a backup option somewhere on the AppleTV after I installed aTV Flash - maybe that’s what it takes. Thanks.

You get options for 2 kinds of back ups normal and full from memory, do them both to be sure.

If/when you need to restore them, its obvious which is which as they are date and time stamped and have the file size as well.

Settings, metadata, watched history, etc… are only affected in you restore or rejailbreak the AppleTV.

Updating the version will not affect these, but if you want to be safe you can always do a backup through the Maintenance --> Settings menu. Doing this will take a snapshot of the current settings on the AppleTV which you can easily roll back to if needed.