Will Flash ATV play .m2ts files

I have a movie in .m2ts format and my Apple TV sees it but won’t seem to play it. Does it have to be converted with Handbrake or some utility? Also this one has a text file, “downloaded from demonoid.com” Is demonoid somehow controlling the unwrapping of this torrent? Thanks, all.

Unfortunately these files are not currently supported. Your best option would be to convert them to an MP4 or AVI file.

As far as I know the Demonoid text file is harmless - its simply to enable the uploader to get it through to Demonoid so it can be tracked for seeding distribution. It can’t prevent or affect the file in any way.

use Mpeg Streamclip to convert those files

XBMC will play them but, if they're 1080p, the playback will be extremely jumpy (pretty much unwatchable) unless you have CrystalHD. Right now I'm watching a Blu Ray rip with DTS 5.1 doing just that.