Will ATV2 support other file types via referenced movies in iTunes.

I currently have a media PC that i use to play all my stored media, mainly 720p MKV files and AVi's. I would love to have all this in mp4 format, but the thought of re encoding it all in order to put it into iTunes is a tad too daunting. I have jsut been playing with iFlicks, and I have created some Reference .mov files, that I can add to iTunes, add all the correct metadata to, and then it shows in iTunes as if it were an iTunes format file. When selected this obviously plays the actual movie file it references (i.e. an .avi file.) which then in turn plays fine in iTunes (I have perian installed).

As I do not have a aTV to check, I am assuming that the reference file will show in the aTv but will not play. When the aTv flash is developed further in order to support more codecs, will it be able to work this way? I want to have meta data and ideally have my collection integrated with iTunes, but i am reluctant to re-encode everything!

For your mkv files, it is just a matter of switching containers to mp4/m4v. No reencoding involved depending on your audio setup ( the worse case is adding a stereo stream). Have a look at mkvtools. It's takes a minute to do.

See also the Plex media server and AirVideo.




Unfortunately not all MKV's can just have there containers changed. That relies upon the video within the mkv being a h.264 encode, which they tend not too be. And that doesn't help with AVI's.

I have AirVideo and this works well in playback of files from my media centre to my iPhone. However I don't feel this is the best way to play videos on the ATV (if it became workable)

I DO WANT to use the ATV interface, and I have no problem leaving iTunes open on the iMac to provide the serving to the ATV. I just thinking, that if the new ATV can have the likes of perian installed, would it work the same as the imac/frontrow, whereas it reads the referenced AVI file thats loaded into my iTunes library, and is able to play it. This would mean that I can have all iTunes purchases integrated with my own custom ripped movies/videos regardless of what format they are. This would lead to a very integrated solution!

And i've seen Plex, although i'm not keen on it. I want to use the Apple TV as much as possible by use of its generic function (I just need that added little functionality of supporting more codecs!)