Will ATV2 handle 720p/1080p .mkv files with Boxee og XBMC app?


I got an ATV2 for christmas, but I am not shure that i will keep it yet. I have had the ATV 1st generation for a while now, and is very happy with that one. The only problem is that altought I have JB the ATV with fireCore, i am still not able to play 720p og 1080p .mvk files smoothly (wired connection).

Is this possible with ATV2, or is it better to go for a mac mini?

i am using ATV2 with Plex media server and watching avatar 1080p with GREAT quality. 

Thanks for your reply.


Correct me if I`m wrong, but when using Plex Media server, wont the decoding of the movie be done on the transmitting machine, not the apple tv?
Do you know if 720p or 1080p will be working fine without Plex media server, using nsf or smb with XBMC or Boxee app?