Will a Time Capsule mount to a appletv?

I am using atv flash the newest version and have installed the mac.dmg file and uploaded using cyberduck to documents and have allowed a usb external drive to work and it does it works perfectly but the time capsule , the appletv can not see it, does anyone have any ideas to make a time capsule work with a appletv so it can read files from it? The appletv under network does see the time capsule and when I select this option it comes up guest login or registered user, when I select gust login, the appletv re-starts back to menu and when I select registered user it askd for username and then password?

I was able to mount my TimeCapsule by turning on SMB. My Apple TV could see the TimeCapsule as an AFPOVERTCP share but i could not mount it. As soon as I turned on SMB and rebooted, it was mounted automatically… YAY!! It also streams content nicely.

ummm dood, can u post an smb tutorial? Thanks.