None of your sales materials are specific on this. When streaming via Mac, is a wifi connection sufficient?

For the most part yes.

A basic rule of thumb is that content up to 720p can be streamed via wifi, whereas 1080p files usually require a wired connection.

Thanks, James, and thanks for your patience. I’m not a current AppleTV owner, but am considering buying one now that I’ve found out about your product.

I’ve been learning more since I posted, and now understand that streaming (by wifi from my Mac to AppleTV) would be accomplished via Airplay, which aTV flash isn’t involved with. 

So, question: if the AppleTV is wired via HDMI to my HDTV, and I stream video to it from my mac via airplay, I’m presuming aTV Flash can do everything as well as if there were a wired connection between my computer and my aTV?

Sounds like the best eventual solution would be to buy some sort of wifi-enabled hard drive to use as a media server wired directly to AppleTV, and synch files to it via WIFI, correct? The AppleTV with attached hard drive is way overpriced.

Streaming via AirPlay can be done through iTunes without aTV Flash (black). However, aTV Flash (black) will add the ability to stream directly from a Mac, PC or NAS without using AirPlay or iTunes. This means you can stream content such as MKV, ISO, FLAC and other files that are not supported by iTunes.

A popular setup is using an Airport Extreme with an external drive attached to it. Content stored there can be streamed to multiple AppleTVs without the need to have a computer on.

Ah, right, of course. Without aTV Flash, those other filetypes wouldn't even be sendable to the AppleTV. Got it.

As for your comment above about streaming being constrained to 720p, doesn’t all output from AppleTV have that same constraint anyway? Or are you telling me that HD content can’t even be sent to the AppleTV unit at all?


FWIW, I don’t intend to use multiple AppleTVs, and I don’t mind leaving the computer on. Does your advice still hold for me, or should I just stream?

The AppleTV will be limited to 720p output, but you can still play 1080p content if that’s what you have. It will just appear as 720p on a TV. The downscaling happens on the AppleTV, so it will still be 1080p when it leaves your computer/NAS.

If everything you wan to stream is in iTunes, you may not need aTV Flash (black), but for many users the expanded support for additional file types is an absolute must.

I do have a number of other filetypes, which is why I’m interested in your product (the other features are nice gravy). 


Speaking of downscaling, once AppleTV goes 1080p, I wish there’d be a way to apply a premium upscaling/upconverting algorhythm, like the ones Oppo DVD players use (e.g. Mediatek or Faroudja DCDi). That would surely need to come between AppleTV and TV, though.

Hi have a different situation in which I believe your product will fix. I have my mac upstairs connected to a wireless router and internet. Downstairs I have a TV, I am thinking of buying the Apple TV and flash to enable me to connect the TV via the HDMI, connect to my mac and internet via WiFi and connect to the Media Server (Drobo) via ethernet.


1.  Will I be able to stream to the apple TV from the media server via Ethernet and control the streaming via the apple tv remote?

2.  Also will my Mac recieve the stream via the Apple TV?.

  1. Will I have access to the media server from my Mac for file transfer via the Apple TV?

  2. Will the Apple TV have access to the Internet?

  3. Is there a better alternative?

Thanks in advance



Yes, you can connect directly to your NAS and control playback with the normal AppleTV remote or Remote iPhone/iPad app.

Unfortunately streaming from the AppleTV to a Mac is not supported.

Not sure I understand your question.

Yes, a native web browser is included.

No.  :wink:

Thaks James, I went ahead and purchased the unit and got it all fired up quickly. It all works to my expectation however one issue I wanted to do was connect the media server to the ATV via ethernet, as soon as I do this I loose WiFi therefor I also loose connectivity to my MAC.

By connecting the media server via ethernet I get rid of the bandwidth limitations of the WiFi and control everything via WiFi.

Is it possible in the future to add this functionality?


Well the AppleTV will use either wifi or ethernet, you can’t use both.

If you switch from wifi to ethernet (or vice versa) you may simply need to reconnect to your Mac.

Ok thanks, I presume you cant make the ATV do both. If it did, I could connect the media server to the ethernet (downstairs) which would get rid of the WiFi limitations when playing a video and use the WiFi to connect my Mac (upstairs) to the media server to take control and transfer files to it.

Other than that issue it all works great, thank you for the responnce.

It sounds like your media server is on a different network than your Mac?

Normally, you’d have a single router that all devices get connected to. Whether they’re connected via wifi or ethernet they would all be on the same network and can talk to each other.

Sorry I am not explaining it very well, I have attached a drawing. If this was possible it would solve the bandwidth issues at the TV and allow the macs to connects to the media server to transfer files etc.

However the problem is that when I connect the Media Server I loose the WiFi connection to the ATV, is it possible to enable both the Ethernet and the WiFi allowing this to be possible.


If not, I could connect the WiFi via another means by purchasing an Airport Express and extend it off my router and purchase a Ethernet hub to connect the airport express, Media     server and ATV, correct?



Does your Media Server support wifi?

Ideally will want to connect both the AppleTV and Media Server to the router (using wifi or ethernet).

No the media server doesn’t support WiFi, however the point of having the media server connected via Ethernet is to overcome the bandwidth issues associated with the WiFi when playing to the TV.


Um, you aren’t connecting the Media Server directly to the AppleTV2 are you? You would connect the Media Server just to your network, and the AppleTV also wired to your network, then the AppleTV can see the Media Server and any other device on your network.