Wifi dongle with Broadcom Crystal?

 I am considering upgrading a 160gb ATV with the Broadcom Hardware Decoder BCM970015 - PCIe Mini Card.  This will require me to remove my existing wifi card but I will still need to use wifi.  In theory, it should be possible to connect my ATV to a USB hub (I will also have an external storage drive and USB keyboard) and then add a wifi dongle to the USB hub.  My question is: will this actually work?  I have heard rumor that only AC powered and not USB powered hubs work with ATV.  Is this true, and, if so can anyone recommend a hub that is actually known to work well with ATV? Similarly, can anyone recommend a USB wifi dongle that is known to work?  Thanks


 You'd get much better reception (especially streaming) if you used a powerline ethernet adapter.

Mine works better than any wireless I ever had.


 You could also use an Airport Express to extend your network, then just connect an ethernet cable between it and the AppleTV.

Thanks for the reply.  I looked into this possibility but on their website, Apple seems to indicate that apple express can only be used to extend an Apple network (i.e. Apple Extreme or Time Capsule).  Is this not true (I have a netgear wireless)?  Even if I can't use Airport express, I should be able to use a third party wireless-to-ethernet bridge/adapter.  A cheaper option would be a USB dongle (eg. D-Link DWA-140 RangeBooster Wireless B/G/N 300Mbps USB Adapter).  However, using this would require installing a package on the Apple TV (Ralink factory driver RTUSBD2870-3000UI-3000_2010_05).  There is an OS 10.4 version of this package.  Could I use aTV Flash to install this on the Apple TV and do you think it would work properly with the dongle?  Regards