wifi disconnects randomly

I was wondering if you guys had any idea about this. just got it going on the 4.2.1 and works fine but the wifi connections goes away every now and again. it is a real pain because i have to reenter my wpa key everytime. 

This is a known issue with all AppleTV jailbreaks.

If you install the nitoTV item it should prevent this from happening until a permanent fix is available.

which nitotv item do you speak of...

my wifi disconnects after less than 30 minutes how is that usable. i have a jailbroken iphone that has wifi that works fine. what nitot package needs to be loaded i have all the ones loaded that say anything about networking.

The new 0.6.6 version of Seas0nPass address the wifi disconnect issues.

Alternatively if you don't want to go through the entire jailbreak process again you can simply install the nitoTV item through the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu. 

like i said above. i already have nitotv installed and it doesn't make any difference. Is there a specific package. that needs to be installed?

Thats the same to me, but not all time here,

shoult we reinstall nito?

Have to agree with the above : which item in Nitro? I downloaded and updated the NitroTV and my WIFI keeps disconnecting, so is there a certain component within NitroTV?


the new season pass seems to have fixed my wifi issues. Is there anyway to disable sleep mode. that is the only disconnects i am getting from what i can tell. 

The new Season Pass has not addressed this issue for me (version 0.6.6), and even drops the connection while streaming Netflix occasionally.

There is a wifi fix:


Via twitteracc @NitoTV

- it's been updated on the repo and put atop "Featured" in nitoTV - "wifi tweak"

- its only necessary for people who have wifi issues (drop wifi during sleep and whatnot)


Those having wifi problems should give it a try.

This fix has gotten positive feedback so far, and it will be included in the next version of Seas0nPass.

i installed this and don't see a change. is it necessary to restart lowtide. Thanks