WiFi AND Ethernet Capable on ATV2?

Is it possible to set BOTH a WiFi address and a static ethernet IP on an ATV2? I want to be able to download using a wired connection but homeshare to some computers using wifi and some using an IP.

Unfortunately only a single connection can be used at one time.

However, as long as all your devices are on the same network it won’t matter if you’re connected via ethernet or wifi. If you’re on the network, you’re on the network,

Ah - therein lies another problem. We segmented our network into a couple of subnets - have a wifi router on one and some other stuff on another. There are two aspects of this that bites - use of only one network port at a time and the requirement that whatever device you have be on the same exact network as the ATV.

I have to believe that the use of only one network port at a time (either wireless or wired) on the ATV is a software issue and potentially fixable through the jailbreak???

I would also have to believe the ‘having to be on exact same network segments’ is also a apple-level software issue - maybe within bonjour - and also potentially fixable??? 

Please weigh in! And thanks for your speedy reply to my original post!

I’m not sure if it’s technically possible to do, but I will definitely pass along your feedback and see what we can do.