Wi-Fi Mesh Network Router With USB Drive

Looking to replace my Apple Extreme router with a new mesh network system. All of my movies are on an external USB drive connected to the Apple Extreme. Has anyone had success using an external USB drive with a Wi-Fi Mesh Network Router (i.e. Netgear Orbi, Eero, etc.)?

Stay away from the Orbi. It sucks ass. Look into the new Synology MR2200AC.

I use the Google Wifi pucks, and they’re pretty good after all their fixes but they don’t have USB and you probably don’t want them to except the main unit that’s hardwired (mine are actually all wired). I would honestly recommend waiting until Wifi 6 (802.11ax) if you can, but it’s not coming until sometime next year.

Thanks JarvisMeier! I’ve been waiting for something like the Synology MR2200AC. Looks pretty good and the USB connection is a must for me.